Two Months In: One Powerful Concept For Bloggers

A month ago, on my blog’s one month anniversary, I received requests for tips and tricks to blogging, which inspired me to create my post about tips and trick to successful blogging (it can be found here).  I then received requests for other blogging tips, all of which I was highly considering posting today, but I decided I should go a different route here today on second month anniversary of my blog.

I found something else to be of more importance, and that is learning that you need to put yourself before your blog.  I know I know, in the post about tips and tricks I mentioned that one important aspect of being a successful blogger is to post often.  Although posting often is important, your own health and well-being is even more important.

Why am I creating this post about your health and well-being?  Well, as many of you know from reading my previous posts, I am a full-time graduate student, I have family that lives hours away from me whom I need to make time for, a boyfriend I need to spend time with, I babysit occasionally, oh yeah, and I am trying to create a successful blog and keep it up and running to the best of my ability.  There are only so many hours in a day, and these past few weeks (getting through finals, starting my crammed summer class in which I have class 7 hours a day for two weeks straight, and have many assignments and three exams I have to complete for it) I have figured out the hard way that the events in my life need to be prioritized.

My schooling and the work associated with it is up top on my priorities list, along with spending quality time with my family and boyfriend.  What is number one on my list though, and should be on all of your lists as well, is myself.  I need to assess my needs and make sure that my needs are prioritized first.  If I am feeling too stressed trying to juggle everything, I need to relax and find something that will help me to relax because lets face it, stressing does not help you get work done.  Stressing only makes everything worse.

Unfortunately, this means that blogging is not first, or even up top, on my priorities list at the moment.  I was feeling extra stressed about this earlier in the week and found myself feeling defeated realizing I wasn’t keeping up with my daily views goal or new followers per day goal I have set for myself.  I felt like I wasn’t able to generate useful content these past few weeks since my mind has been elsewhere lately with school and my personal life.  I really felt as if I was letting my blog go a little bit, and failure is never an option for me.  I was stressing way to much over how I can keep up with blogging and keep up with everything else in my life.

I finally let the stress of keeping up with my blog go though when I realized what is most important in my life.  Yes, I love blogging and I want to create and maintain a successful blog however, I was letting blogging take over my life a bit and blogging was only creating excess stress that wasn’t healthy for me.  When I realized this, I encouraged myself to be “okay” with putting my blog on the back burner.  This is not easy.  I like to always do my best and nothing but the best, so being okay with not giving my blog my best effort really hit me hard.  Knowing that I am doing what’s best for myself and my own health though is what made me be okay with not focusing as much time on my blog as I have in the past. 

Did I meet my goes for month two of blogging? No, but I wasn’t too far from reaching them, and I am okay with that. There are some things that I just can’t have control of in my life and right now, I have no control over how many hours are in a day. It is not feasible for me to go to class for 7 hours, come home and get work done for that class, and blog. I am simply too exhausted by the time I get my school work done, staying up late to blog will only make me more tired the next day and hinder my ability to pay attention in class and work to the best ability on my career. So instead, I blog when I can. When I have some extra time, I blog. If I can’t find that extra time, I am okay with that. You all should be too! Don’t let the stress of not being able to blog or be active within the blogging community consistently bring you down. If it just doesn’t work out with you and your schedule, you will find a time when it will work out for you, don’t sweat it! The hard times always pass, so don’t bring yourself down during the hard times, just find a way to get through it, focusing on yourself first. 

Blogging is not easy, but it shouldn’t be taking a toll on you or your health and well-being. If you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed, take a step back. You don’t have to quit blogging all together, just put it on the back burner a little and get to it when you have the chance. It is okay to not post often when you are focusing on yourself:)

39 thoughts on “Two Months In: One Powerful Concept For Bloggers

  1. Kitty's Closet And More says:

    I’m so impressed how well you’ve done in two months! I can relate as I work 11 hour shifts 4-5 days a week at my job. I have been slacking on blogging and struggling with balance of work blogging& me time too. Thanks for motivation ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the great work! xoKitty

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  2. Melissa Son says:

    This speaks to me on so many levels. I just started my blog a few weeks ago and I’m a hospice nurse so stress is my middle name. I’d kick myself when I wasn’t able to post or lay in bed writing on my phone trying to stay awake. Thanks for this!

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  3. 365daysofnewwithafewtriedandtrue says:

    I agree. The pace that you were going was sure to burn you out. I’m in the same boat. My priorities have always been family and work. I’d love a successful blog, but I stay realistic in my goals. I haven’t posted anything new in two weeks until today, and I reminded myself I’m okay with that even though it’s a struggle to let something go. The summer months afford me much more time, and I’ll pick things up again, but for now I–like you– have to “keep it real”. Thanks again for another post about the realities of blogging. โค๏ธ

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  4. ditastylebuffetblog says:

    This is very inspiring, thank you for sharing this! It is not often that I read a post expressing the importance of self-care. This month has been rough for me as well, and reading this made me feel at peace with putting myself first, even if it meant fewer posts.

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  5. AylaLaraine says:

    I started a blog in the beginning of the year and became way to stressed out with it, so I completely stop but now I have found my balance between blogging and life, hopefully it works! Keep up the great work! Stay focused on the important things! You’ll make it though anything!(:

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  6. angelspartaness says:

    Great post! I’m feeling really similar to you in that my blog is fairly new and I’m trying to make it successful but I’m also pursuing a lot of other endeavors at the time and I don’t want blogging to take up all of my time :/

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    • Meg Kem Magic says:

      It is so so hard to find that balance, but you just have to determine what is most important and spend less time on the things that are’t quite as important. I certainly wish I could do it all but the stress and gray hairs just really aren’t worth it haha

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      • angelspartaness says:

        You’re so right. I tried to focus on so many things at a time that it didn’t work, and I’d end every day feeling like I didn’t get anything accomplished. Now I just try to give at least 1-2 hours to each thing so I’m not feeling so overwhelmed and I can at least get something done! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. whatnitaloves says:

    This post came at a perfect time for me. When I started my blog last month, I was between jobs, so it was easy to maintain it. I have ideas and goals for my blog, but I just started working full time again at my new job and I was stressed out about how behind I was with my blog. Thanks for reminding me that it is okay to prioritize myself and other things before blogging.

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    • Meg Kem Magic says:

      Yes, definitely prioritize work and yourself and family before blogging! Blogging will always be there. You can always come back to it and pick right up where you left off. Your job and family, not so much. So just know that it is okay to take a small break from blogging whenever you feel the need to:)

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  8. fashionflurry4 says:

    Great post – a healthy mind is always number one priority. Plus in two months you have done outstanding for yourself. Take time to yourself.

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  9. Just Jess says:

    This is a great post! As a teacher my life is pretty stressful. During school holidays I can blog freely and often and feel so great for doing so, but during term time balancing work, my relationship, social life and exercising is a battle anyway without adding blogging to that list. I often feel guilty when I don’t post a blog or don’t have as much time to read posts as I’d like to

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    • Meg Kem Magic says:

      I am totally with you on that! Blogging will always be here though, so you can always pick up right where you left off if you find yourself lagging behind. Make sure you put your main priorities first:)

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  10. Green world says:

    Balance is the key. Because health is a precious gift. You are taking a great step to continue your successful career. Best wishes Megan ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  11. FaithStJules says:

    Great post, and much needed. I started my sewing blog about a year ago, and traffic has been up and down. I am a wife and mother of two, a seamstress, a volunteer at my kid’s school and at church. I also have family about an hour away, which feel like four hours when your plate is full. Due to this, my blog is not booming. I am okay with my 48 followers, because for me, blogging is a bit of therapy for me and so is sewing, which is why I decided to start a sewing blog. For a while I fell into a slight depression, and it affected myself and my blog. I had to take time to take care of myself and get back to what is important. I am back and sewing more than ever, and your post was just what I needed to read. Thank you.

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