Handbag Obsession: Urban Southern Crossbody Wallet

I have never met a handbag that is so versatile and adorable as this Crossbody Wallet from Urban Southern!  I am typically a “go big or go home” type of gal.  I typically buy big bags that can hold everything under the sun in it.  When you are this type of gal like me, your purse becomes the “community” bag in which everyone around you expects you to hold their stuff in it as well.  I’m totally fine with that, but can we at least take turns holding the bag then since it now weighs 20 lbs?!

Before I received this Crossbody Wallet, I would take my giant purses with me everywhere, no matter where it was.  This is annoying though if you actually want to use both of your arms.  Say for example shopping, I want as much free arm space as possible in order to hold more items.  This past weekend, I went to Pittsburgh and explored the city a bit with my mom and sister (who took these photos.  Go check out her website here!).  I certainly did not want to lug around my giant purse.  Thankfully, I have this amazing Crossbody Wallet to use instead!

First of all, this handbag is so stinkin cute!  I have the leather design, but there is also a Matte Finish Greige Military Boot Leather option that is just as fabulous!  This Crossbody Wallet that I have goes with absolutely every outfit I own!  For my outfit above, I was wearing a dressy top and jeans, and this bag added the perfect touch of style to my outfit to complete my look.

Second, this Crossbody Wallet is SO versatile!!  You can easily adjust the straps to make it hang higher or longer, depending upon your height and where you would like it to sit on your side.  You can completely take off the straps if you just want to use this bag as a wallet.  And, this tiny bag holds so much!!  As you can see in the picture above, it has built-in credit card slots, and two separate slots for your phone and keys, lipgloss, cash, or whatever else you need to carry with you!  I was so amazed with how much this small bag holds!

The ladies who own Urban Southern are the nicest ladies around.  They are a small owned business by two sisters, Meg and Regina, who sell all handmade leather handbags!  I love supporting and helping out the smaller businesses whom actually appreciate and acknowledge each and every one of their customers!

The best part is you can use my code, “meg15” to get 15% off your ENTIRE purchase!!  They have so many other amazing handbags that I love, so make sure to check out their entire site here🙂

Anybody else have one of their bags?  I would love to know which ones in my comments:)


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