Fashion Finds Friday


It is my favorite part of the week!  Not only is it the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend, it is also the day that I get to share with you all my favorite Fashion Finds from this week!!  I absolutely love all of the feedback that I have been receiving from all of you on my Fashion Finds Friday posts.  I love hearing your favorites and hearing what you now have on your wants lists!  I am sure this week will not disappoint:)

Through online shopping this week, I discovered that Nordstrom is currently having their huge “half-yearly sale.”  If you have not yet visited their site, you need to!!  They have SO many great deals going on now, and they always have free shipping, which is such a major plus!  I can’t tell you how many times I am online shopping (looking really) and spend 30 minutes contemplating whether or not I really want to spend an extra $7 for shipping.  Heck, most of the time I end up not getting that item because I don’t want to pay for shipping.  Well here are a few of my favorites from Nordstrom’s sale…plus other great finds as well:)  Check it out…

Norstrom Silk top.jpg

First up this week is this silk, off the shoulder top.  I am in love with this color!  It is so perfect for both spring and summer.  I also love the overall design of this top.  It is so simple, yet elegant.  And as you can see in this picture, the model is just simply wearing this top with jeans and it still looks dressy.  I would style this top with some white skinny jeans and sandals:)  This top is part of Nordstrom’s sale and is currently less than $24!!  Shop this top here!


I absolutely love this top right here!  The material just looks so comfy and this is my favorite color blue to wear.  This color really makes my eyes pop, I love it.  And honestly, I haven’t ever seen anyone who doesn’t look good wearing this color!  This is another simple, yet dressy top that can easily be worn down or up.  This gorgeous top is only $35!!  You can find it here🙂


Any fitness girls out there?!  I haven’t posted workout clothes in any of my posts yet, but I just couldn’t resist this week with these adorable leggings that are 40% off right now!!  They are so adorable, they actually make me want to workout.   Finding good quality workout clothing is so hard nowadays.  You don;t want to buy leggings that are too thin and see-through, yet you don’t want to pay a fortune for clothes you are going to workout in.   These leggings are “Zella” leggings, which is such a great quality brand.  Pretty much their entire brand is 40% off at Nordstrom currently, so make sure to check them all out:)  These leggings can be found here!


Here is another pair of super cute Zella workout leggings, also 40% off!  I am honestly obsessed with both pairs, and will most likely end up ordering both as motivation to get my butt in the gym.  You can find these ones here🙂


And this Zella workout top is 40% off as well.  I absolutely love this open back design!  IT helps too keep you cool and a it is super cute as well!  Shop this top here.




This top right here is so adorable!!  I love eye design on the bottom of the top, and I love how this is a “strapless” top with just a little extra support so you don’t have to keep pulling the top up throughout the day.  The best part about this top is it is currently less than $40!  You can shop this top here🙂



My Fashion Finds post wouldn’t be complete without some floral print!  This is a different type of floral print than I have found before in other posts.  I love how summery this dress is!  It is so much fun and can be worn as a day dress, or it is even dressy enough to wear to a wedding.  I love dresses that are versatile!  And this particular dress is 40% off!  You can find it here🙂


This dress right here deserves all the heart eyes!!  I am SO obsessed!!  Seriously, how gorgeous is this dress?!  So so stunning.  I want to schedule a photoshoot right now just so I can buy this stunning dress.  I can’t get over how pretty the colors and design of this dress is!  This would be the perfect wedding guest dress:)  You can find this dress here!


Here is another simple, yet dressy dress.  I love how flowy it is, yet very flattering at the same time!  Click here to shop this dress:)


I am a planner, so when I saw these bad boys, I immediately thought of the fourth of July!  These would also be perfect for Memorial Day however, they most likely won’t get to you in time, so the fourth of July looks like your best bet:)  Not only are these shorts so adorable, they are only $25!!  These shorts surely won’t last long at that price!  Shop there here now!


And one last item, just for fun!  This can be your “accessory” with your outfit you are wearing.  I came across this mug and fell in love with it, and figured some of you might as well:)  It is too cute to pass up!  You can find it here!

Welp, that is it for this week’s Fashion Finds Friday post!  I hope you liked my finds for this week and come back here next Friday for another Fashion Finds post!  Enjoy your weekend:)



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