Fashion Finds Friday


It’s Friday, and I am so super excited because not only is it time to present to you all my Fashion Finds from the week, but tomorrow is my birthday!!  I absolutely love birthdays, so I can’t help but be super stoked for tomorrow:)  And since it’s my birthday tomorrow, I am allowing myself to a few “treats” from this weeks Fashion Finds!

Since I have two weddings to go to coming up here shortly, this week’s Fashion Finds are going to consist of more dresses than ever.  I trying to find more items for you all that will fit your needs accordingly, so if you are looking for certain items in particular (tank tops, jeans, swimsuits, shoes, etc.), feel free to let me know in the comments and I will certainly try my best to find items that fit your needs in next week’s Fashion Finds:)

Lush top

How adorable is this suprlic tank?!  I am totally obsessing over this tank!  And it comes in two other colors as well.  This tank is just so flattering and perfect for a night out!  And it is less than $40!  Shop this tank here🙂


Topshop leggings

These moto skinny jeans are my new favs and are up top on my wants list!!  These skinny jeans would look so adorable paired with the top listed above:)  You can find these jeans here!

White skinnies

Now that it is after Memorial Day, I am all about the white skinnies!!  I literally wear white skinny jeans as much as possible in the summer time, since it is apparently frowned upon to wear them after Labor Day and before Memorial Day.  I simply pair these white skinny jeans up with a cute top and some sandals and I have myself a nice, dressy outfit!  And these adorable skinny jeans are only $40!  Shop these here🙂


Last week I posted a swimsuit for the first time, so I wanted to follow-up this week with another swimsuit.  I love this one piece suit!  The cutouts are so cute, and this color is adorable as well!  You can find this suit here!

Maroon Dress

This burgundy lace dress is so adorable!  I love how this neck is high on this dress, but yet the length of this dress is short.  I love when dresses are conservative, yet sexy at the same time, and this dress is certainly just that!  Perfect for attending a wedding:)  Shop this dress here!

Dress 2

So the first reason I absolutely love this dress is because it is so stinkin cute.  And the second reason is that this dress is only $42!!  You can’t beat an adorable, affordable floral print dress!  If you have any weddings (or just a Friday) coming up soon, you should seriously consider this dress!  Find this dress here!

Dress 3

Another floral dress that I am absolutely obsessed with!!  If this isn’t just the perfect wedding guest dress, then I don’t know what is!  This dress is just so perfect.  The colors, the design, the floral print, the length, flowyness, just everything is perfect.  This is absolutely one of my “treats” I will be getting for myself tomorrow:)  Here is where you can find it!

Dress 5

This dress right here is my favorite Fashion Find for this week!  This dress is a little pricey ($200), but it is SO worth the price!!  I mean, just look at it.  So stinking cute, you have to check out the back too!  It is just so flattering and perfect for any occasion.  You could totally get your moneys worth out of this dress.  Find this dress here!

Pink Dress Strappy.jpg

This dress is very different from the other four listed above, but I love this dress for the reason that it is a more fitted dress, with adorable cutouts that aren’t “too much.”  This dress is by no means revealing, but yet it is still extremely flattering.  I also love this bright pink color!  You can find this dress here🙂

Vince C

The best way to dress up any dress and complete the look is with a pair of adorable heels, and these ones here are my current favorites!  I am tall (5’7″) and I still love wearing heels.  I love the thicker heel though that these heels have because they make me feel much more stable and comfortable wearing them.  I love love love these heels and am definitely buying these ones to wear to the two weddings I am going to!  They have many other colors too so make sure to check them out!  Shop these heels here🙂

That wraps up this week’s Fashion Finds!  Let me know in the comments if there are items in particular you would like me to find for you and post about in next week’s Fashion Finds Friday post!  I can’t wait to discover more fashion finds next week:)


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