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April 22nd


Yayy the weather is finally warm enough for me to breakout one of my favorite pair of heels!  And I can rock the skinny jeans and tank look, which is honestly one of my favorite outfit combinations.  It’s Saturday, it’s been a long week, a night out is in order (I can’t stay awake too late though because I’m turning into an old lady, so I won’t be getting into anything too crazy).

This tank top color is one of my newest obsessions.  It is “olive,” but I like to refer to it as “army green.”  The way this shirt fits is just so amazing and the large slits on the sides makes this such a flattering tank top.  And the best part is this tank is currently 40% off!!  Nordstrom also has free shipping, so you literally only pay $20 and cents for this bad boy.

This necklace is my absolute favorite necklace!  I love how long it is and it actually is reversible!  The side shown is silver and the back size is blue.  So neat!  My sister got me this necklace for Christmas and I wear the heck out of it now.

Shop this look here: Tank Top, Jeans (I purchased mine over a year ago but these are very similar! Here are some more similar ones: Rag & Bone/JEAN, Vigoss DistressedPAIGE), Heels, Necklace (the same exact necklace pictured is not available anymore however, any long necklace will do!  I love this one I linked)

April 17th

While on Instagram the other week, I came across this Instagram account, Hide & Hunter.  I was drawn to their account by their logo (seen on my tank top).  I love unique tops and here in Pennsylvania, you don’t come across very many shops that sell clothing like this.  They have some many shirt cuts and designs to choose from too, decided which one I wanted was nearly impossible, I wanted them all!

I am also a huge advocate for shopping small businesses.  This is a relatively new business, run by the sweetest lady ever!  I feel much better about spending money on clothing that is from a small business owner, especially when they are just starting out, because I know that they need my money to stay above water more than large companies do.  Large companies are already making so much money, your purchase really doesn’t have a large effect on their business.  As of right now, the Hide & Hunter website is still in the works, so in order to place an order, just simply DM them on Instagram!  Hannah is so sweet and easy to work with:)

Shop my look: Tank TopJeans (exact pair are no longer available however, the pair linked is so close and here are some more similar pairs: Express JeansTreasure & BondArticles of Society)

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is so awesome!  You literally get your own personal stylist who sends you hand-picked clothing every month!  Who wouldn’t want that?  You get 5 items every month that you get to decide if you want to keep any of the items or not.  Those that you do not want to keep, you simply send back.  Those that you do want to keep, you just don’t send back and then your card on file will get charged for the price of the clothes you picked.  The best part?  The amount that you pay each month for this service gets taken out of whatever items you choose to pick!!  So you pretty much get this service free if you even just choose to keep one item! So cool!!  The styling fee is only $20 every month.  Like I said though, if you should to keep any items, that $20 is taken out of the price of the clothes, so you don’t even have to pay the styling fee when you keep items.  You provide them with your feedback each time so they can better tailor your needs and provide you with items that you will love!!  It is not a robot, they are real stylists who listen to your requests.

You can choose how often you would like to receive fixes as well which is awesome!! You can choose every 2-3 weeks, every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months!!  So even if you don’t want to pay the $20 every month, you can choose 2 or 3 months to get your fixes.  Check them out and give them a shot! You don’t have much to lose (maybe $20 but I bet you will be thoroughly impressed with your items!).  I can’t wait to share with you all what items I get each month:)

2 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. victorialise says:

    Love all your looks! Especially the Hide & Hunter tank. So cute! I agree supporting small business is the way to go and makes a positive impact whereas many corporations exploit workers and animals to make a profit. Great post! Thanks for sharing! x

    Liked by 1 person

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